The Tender Experiment

the tender experiment

Yes, as the title implies, The Tender Experiment is a love story. But it’s also about metaphysics, sex, motorcycles, music, and travel. What more could you want?

I’m currently working productively on the book in Chiang Khong, Thailand, where it is set. As I now have quite a bit of freelance work on my plate, that is my priority at the moment, but still I usually work on the novel every day. Currently¬†– at the rate¬†I’m going – I imagine it will need another two to three months.

I’ll be self-publishing it as a downloadable PDF, and those who pre-order/donate will receive a link to download the PDF as soon as it’s available. I’ll be in touch during the writing, and if the book turns out to take a long time and you don’t want to wait any longer, I’ll be happy to offer a refund at any time.

Please know how much I appreciate your interest in the book and potential support of my writing. Even if you don’t proceed to pre-order the book, you had enough interest to come to this page, and that alone is heartening.

If you’d like to go ahead and toss 99 cents my way to pre-order The Tender Experiment, just click the button below to go to a Paypal page.

In gratitude,