about me


notebookI am a freelance writer and editor, traveling long term. I’m currently in the USA, taking a few months to rest my feet, visit friends and family, and prepare for what’s next.

Professionally, I write abstracts of political books and business articles for getAbstract. I also proofread JAVA, a monthly cultural magazine in Phoenix.

I blogged randomly about my 16 months in Asia, here.

I’m intensely interested in the processes and potentials of emotional healing and spiritual growth. I experienced fairly intense covert and overt emotional and sexual abuse during my childhood, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve believed it must be possible to heal all wounds and go on to have a marvelous life. I’m determined to do just that. The most life-changing material for healing and growth that I’ve found is Jesus and Mary’s teachings here and here.

I love the power and beauty of the written word. I enjoy writing, I read widely, and I love reading aloud. I swoon over physical books. I also enjoy travel, nature, bicycling, motorbikes, and dance. 

One of my online projects: R.J. Lees texts and study resources.