about me


Me and the Cessna

I am a writer and editor currently rebooting my professional and personal life by traveling long-term in Asia. Tectonic shifts are occurring on a compressed time scale: lifelong interests receding, fresh territories rising from the depths. I seem to be headed both inward and outward, turning my attention (at long last) to writing fiction that dives deep into my own history and psyche, while also throwing myself (at long last) at that big, marvelous world out there.

I travel slowly so I can soak in the places I visit and, as much as possible, write. I’m working on a novel (a love story set in Thailand), while freelancing as a writer, editor, and abstractor.

notebookMy professional background is in editing. I was a freelance copy editor for sixteen years, working with materials ranging from college textbooks to corporate communications and detective novels. Prior to that I served for four years as an editor at CareerTrack, a purveyor of professional development seminars. From 2008 to 2014 I lived off the grid at Reevis Mountain School in Arizona. I was the school’s operations manager, running its three businesses (classes, herbal remedies, and farm produce sales), as well as supervising interns, cooking, working in the garden, et cetera. During my six years at Reevis, I also supervised the publication of three books and wrote a monthly newsletter.

I contribute features and sponsored content to the Globe-Miami Times, a local alternative newspaper covering the Globe-Miami (Arizona) community. I wrote most of the Globe-Miami Times’ 2016 Visitors Guide to Globe, Miami, and Superior and contributed to GMT’s 2017 Outdoor Recreation Guide. I also write summaries of articles and books for getAbstract.

I’m based in Arizona, but as the saying goes, home is where my heart is.