my finances

Jesus encourages us to be open and transparent about our financial lives. It seems he feels that if this information were available from many people, it would lead to social change because we would see the unlovingness of our current attitudes about money (this is my understanding of his reasons).

Below are links to allow you to view my 2015 income tax return. My total income was $10,954.88. I owed no income tax but was required to send $1,547.88 to the Treasury Department for the self-employment portion of my Social Security contribution. However, I refrained from submitting the funds because I’ve come to believe that, under current circumstances (the purposes that the money would be put to), tax resistance is loving. The letter that I enclosed with my tax return briefly explains why I feel that way.

In 2015 I received a lot of financial and material support from family members and friends, because I haven’t yet established a reliable income since leaving Reevis. For the most part this support was in the form of loans that I repaid with money or services.

My 2015 tax return

1040 form

Schedule C

Schedule SE