My personal favorites are listed in boldface.

– 2017 –

For getAbstract, summaries of:

In the Globe-Miami Times’ Spring 2017 print edition:

  • “Hobos in America” (feature)
  • “Spring Farming at Reevis Mountain” (column)

For the Globe-Miami Times’ online edition:

The first chapter of Candace Rose Rardon’s Atlas of Connection (forthcoming) will include my vignette “Narong”

– 2016 –

In the Globe-Miami Times’ Fall 2016 print edition:

“Western Mugwort,” with Peter Bigfoot, in the Boyce Thompson Arboretum’s July newsletter (print only)

In We Are Healthcare, published by Globe-Miami Times, July 2016:

In the Globe-Miami Times’ Spring 2016 print edition:

For the Globe-Miami Times’ online edition:

In the Visitors Guide to Globe, Miami, Superior, published by Globe-Miami Times, February 2016:

  • “Globe,” “Miami,” “Superior,” “The Grand Experiment,” “Globe’s Role in Arizona Statehood,” “100 Years of Mining History,” “Mining FAQ,” “Ranching,” “Railroad History,” “San Carlos Apache Reservation,” “Wild Cow Gallery,” “Local Attractions,” “Calendar of Events”
  • Online landing page

In the Globe-Miami Times, Winter 2016 print edition:

– 2015 –

“A Yurpee to Free My Soul” in Dark Mountain 8 (as Toze Weaver)

“Peter Bigfoot, Pioneering Urban Farmer” at Urban Farm U (guest post)

– 2011 –

“A Gift,” in New Ohio Review, Fall 2011 issue (available on Kindle only)