A Matter of Perspective: Michaele Cozzi: Three Decades As a Documentary Photographer

Michaele Cozzi’s photography studio in Superior is a study in black and white. The cinder-block walls are painted white; the concrete floor is dark and glossy. Attached to the walls, floor-to-ceiling panels of concrete reinforcement mesh serve as a vertical work space. Clipped to the wires with clothespins and black metal clamps are black-and-white photographs – hundreds of them. Some are small enough to hold in your hand, and some are large, as wide as a door.

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A Visit with Peter Bigfoot

The Superstition Mountains of Arizona as seen from the road to Reevis Mountain School

HEAD EAST from Phoenix, Arizona, and you’ll soon find yourself in open country. The Sonoran Desert rolls to the horizon, saguaros and ocotillo standing guard over this mostly unspoiled landscape. The highway rises to Gonzales Pass, where a frontier sheriff is said to have dropped off criminals arrested in his town, after confiscating their horses and boots, and forced them to walk back to Phoenix.
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