A Matter of Perspective: Michaele Cozzi: Three Decades As a Documentary Photographer

Michaele Cozzi’s photography studio in Superior is a study in black and white. The cinder-block walls are painted white; the concrete floor is dark and glossy. Attached to the walls, floor-to-ceiling panels of concrete reinforcement mesh serve as a vertical work space. Clipped to the wires with clothespins and black metal clamps are black-and-white photographs – hundreds of them. Some are small enough to hold in your hand, and some are large, as wide as a door.

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The Robert James Lees Study Site

Robert James Lees (1849-1931) was a spiritualist who wrote six books about the “undiscovered country” beyond death and the workings of God’s Laws and Love in that world and our own. Three of these books – Through the Mists, The Life Elysian, and The Gate of Heaven – describe the experiences of a man named Frederick (later Aphraar) as he arrives in the spirit world, explores and learns about it, and moves through his spiritual progression toward the Kingdom of God. These three books are sometimes referred to as “the Mists trilogy.” The other three books, The Car of Phoebus/The Astral Bridegroom, The Heretic, and My Books, were, according to Lees, “more of the nature of supplements to matters which arise out of questions discussed in Through the Mists.”

Lees states that his role in the writing of these books “is very fully and suitably described as Recorder.” He was one of a quartet of co-workers on these volumes: the other three came from the spirit world, including Frederick/Aphraar himself. The method by which the books were written is detailed here.

For any person desiring to understand God, the spirit world, and what happens to us after we die, R. J. Lees’ books can provide a great deal of information, inspiration, and encouragement.

This site provides texts of the “Mists” trilogy and study resources from a Divine Truth perspective. Audio recordings of the three books are planned, beginning with Through the Mists in March 2016.